Gym time with a personal trainer is aexcellent way to achieve your fitness goals. But for some, it can be intimidating and difficult to commit to.

Tandem training is where you train with a friend, partner or a buddy, and is an excellent option to consider with many benefits coming from training as a duo.

Working out with a friend has been proven to increase your performance and boost your motivation:

Whether you feel more comfortable training with your other half or with a friend, finding someone else to get fit with can be extremely motivating. By committing to a couples personal training session, you’ll be less likely to quit , and more likely to put in more effort.

It may also be easier to stay motivated outside of the gym when you have a friend or a partner trying to remain disciplined.

Improves the efficiency of your workouts:

Studies have shown that exercising with a friend releases more endorphins and can increase calories burned by up to 25% compared to athletes who exercise alone.

In addition, we tend to train longer and work harder when we do sports together. Friendly competition that comes from having a fitness friend pushes us to go that bit further. Couples personal training sessions could help you achieve your fitness goals earlier than working out alone.

The power of social interaction :

Training with a friend is definitely a great way to add a social element to your gym sessions. It gets lonely working out by yourself. Many gym goers report that they give up their New Year’s resolutions for fitness because they don’t like working out alone. Training together with like-minded individual will help you to become more determined to get fit and make it through each training session. People who train together form a special connection that makes them not feel alone. Additionally being able to share your accomplishments with others is even more rewarding than achieving them.

Your workouts will become more fun:

There comes a time when your routine becomes boring and repetitive. This does not happen when you do sports with someone else as a team. There will always be moments of jokes and laughter that will make your exercises more fun and enjoyable. Time will pass much faster and even the most difficult exercises can become enjoyable.

It’s cost effective:

Splitting the cost two ways will save you money. You can also save on travel costs by car-pooling to get to the gym for example or split the costs of a trainer. Essentially reducing the costs of personal training opens up many new possibilities for your training. This could be training extra days per week or choosing a larger package.

Tandem training at Russian Advantage :

Our tandem personal training sessions are designed so you can train together even if you are at different fitness levels and have different fitness goals. Whether it is weight loss, building muscles, get fit or recovering from an injury, you will receive personalised attention, training and nutritional plan to suit all levels of fitness and are tailored to each individual. Sometimes you are going to be doing different types of exercises but you are still going to have a lot of fun and you will not feel neglected.

Training with a buddy is an exciting and effective way of getting fit and staying healthy. And with all the positives, there’s really no reason not to get started.
Try it out!