Kings Cross is a vibrant area, full of interesting characters, shops, food and of course the night life. The area has been changing a lot throughout the years and the Cross itself has certainly quietened down. Modern Kings Cross has become a sea of health shakes, vegan dishes, workout clubs and hot yoga. The new style of residents moving into the area is helping drive demand for healthier product. As a Personal Trainer I enjoy having a variety of healthy options around not just for myself but also for my clients, busy professionals living their life on the go.

One of the big attractions that I really love about living here is Kings Cross Market on a Saturday morning, it is located next to El Alamein Fountain and the famous Kings Cross Police station. Every Saturday from 8:00am – 2:00pm, whether it is rain or sunshine the locals and tourists come here to relax and spend the morning. Kings Cross Market is a unique place where you can find all sorts of amazing produce. Food stalls offer fresh food produce, amazing variety of jams and exotic spices and It goes without saying that organic fruit and vegetables are in abundance.

Kings Cross also has to offer some fabulous shops and eateries, so after your market visit, take a walk around the area that is becoming quite the foodie haven to find some great cafe’s and restaurants, and of course check out my favourite ‘Health Nuts’.

Health Nuts opened a vitamin store 14 years years ago and was selling supplements to gym-junkies. In 2016 it has also opened an organic cafe where most of the dishes are vegan and gluten-free. It features plant-based whole-foods with choices like vegan cheeseburger and lasagna, carrot dog and pulled ‘pork’ sliders, a fresh salad bar, quiche, and selection of vegan cakes and raw desserts. Fresh juices and protein drinks are also organic.

Visiting their bustling store, that is located in Kings Cross shopping centre, you will find a large range of vitamins, supplements, snacks, and health products that cover the full spectrum of organic, raw, vegan and every other imaginable specialty, they also sell a variety of fruit and vegetables that are also 100% organic.

Aside from my obvious admiration for healthy food, I am also a caffeine addict. That’s why our last destination for today is Frankie’s Beans cafe, located near the Coca Cola sign at Kings Cross. They offer silky smooth coffee made from award winning 3 Colombians single origin blend. You’ll notice the coffee taste evolve as it goes from hot to cooler so take your time and enjoy. Definitely the best cup of coffee I’ve ever tried.