At Russian Advantage we understand that nutrition plays a huge role in getting you the results you want. For that reason we are providing all of our clients with their own bespoke dietary advice to help them achieve their fitness goals, as there is no single diet that will work for everyone.

In order to put the perfect plan in place we ask our clients about their fitness goals, diet history and lifestyle.

When it comes to giving our clients our dietary recommendations the most important factor for success is client compliance.
That’s because if you don’t follow the plan it doesn’t matter how good the plan it is, they’re simply not going to get any results.

When structuring a diet plan we look at:

  • Energy Balance: The very first variable we set is the energy balance. But its not as simple as eat less to lose weight or eat more to gain weight. As you will see your metabolism consists of various components and it is highly adaptable.
  • Macronutrient Intake: Macronutrients play a very important role that’s because our bodies require certain amounts of key nutrients such as amino acids, essential fatty acids, and dietary fibre in order to be healthy and function optimally. The macronutrient ratio will also determine how a person feels on a given diet plan which will directly impact dietary compliance.
  • Nutrient Timing. This involves eating foods at strategic times in order to achieve certain outcomes (muscle growth, fat loss and sports performance)
  • Personalised Supplementation Plan if needed: Your diet plan will cover everything you need but we’ve found over the years that some clients can benefit from a small amount of supplements. After our assessment we can recommend the best available supplement products for you.

Once your plan is in place we will then monitor your progress. Because our body is a highly adaptable organism, no diet plan will work forever. That’s one of the main reason why so many people give up on their diet after a while, because they get stuck and become frustrated when it stops working.

This is why we constantly adjusting our clients nutrition plans to prevent stagnation and achieve long term success. Combining that with bespoke training program creates the ultimate body transformation plan unique to you.