If you want to run faster, bike longer or see some of that hard-earned muscle show through, you need to understand body composition.

It is the key to optimal performance and appearance because it can help you develop an exercise plan that will speed fat loss and build muscle.

Body composition testing determines how much of your body is and isn’t fat. The non-fat part of your body is called lean tissue, which includes your muscle, water, bone and organs. Lean tissue is known as metabolically active tissue, the tissue that burns calories all day. The more lean tissue you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate will be. The fat part is body fat. Body fat is a storage form of energy and therefore has a very low calorie demand.

There are many different ways to measure body composition. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Some are more accurate than others.

At Russian Advantage we use BioSignature Modulation which is is a very effective way to measure body composition. As body stores a large amount of fat directly beneath the skin, measuring the thickness of skinfolds provides us
with accurate results.

We’ve been using this method for years to ensure maximum accuracy and precision, additionally it’s done In-house with zero extra cost to our clients.

Everyone who comes to us gets their 12-site body fat tested as a part of their initial consultation. After the assessment we recommended nutritional, exercise and supplementation plans to drop body fat and improve health. This is very specific to our clients’ needs as BioSignature Modulation is unique to each person. It also it allows us create a method to track both success and ‘sticking’ points.

From the initial assessment we follow up with weekly or fortnightly reassessments. This is done to ensure that the program is working as it should and adjust it accordingly to ensure your continued success.

At Russian Advantage we are proudly providing our clients with individualised meal plans, supplementation, training and lifestyle modifications to improve body composition and overall well-being to
get the results they want.